Buy white pp woven bags

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Buy white pp woven bags that can pack food for grain 50kg

White PP woven bag is a kind of packing bag with a wide range of uses. There are many kinds of food. For example, rice needs food grade plastic woven bag. Generally speaking, the capacity of PP woven bag packed with rice can pack 50kg of grain.

If you want to buy White PP woven bags that can hold 50kg grain, we recommend a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of White PP woven bags.

BAGKING  is a professional polypropylene woven bag manufacturer in china ,Produce all kinds of white polypropylene woven bags , Food grade white polypropylene laminated woven sack for grain 50kg

Main business: plastic woven bags, plastic inner film bags, high temperature packaging bags and other plastic packaging bags. Both plastic woven bags and plastic inner film bags have passed SGS food-grade product testing.

pp woven bags

Bag king’s custom PP Woven Bags laminated  are custom-designed in an array of sizes and styles to fit your varying needs.

High quality plastic woven bag products and good after-sales service have been highly praised by foreign customers. Welcome to inquire about the price of plastic woven bags.


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