pp woven bags

Jiangsu Bag King Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has many years of production experience in the plastic woven bag industry and its own brand "Bag King Maohe". Main business: plastic woven bags, plastic inner film bags, high temperature packaging bags and other plastic packaging bags. Both plastic woven bags and plastic inner film bags have passed SGS food-grade product testing.

Our mission

Bag King Maohe: An expert in the field of plastic packaging

Established in July 2011, Jiangsu Bag King Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polypropylene agricultural products in Asia. It is located at No. 11 Ningbo Road, National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, with a plant area of 25,000 square meters. The company has passed the ISO9001 management system certification standard.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of plastic packaging, Bag King Maohe has accumulated comprehensive knowledge of polypropylene, professional skills in related fields, and has a group of highly loyal customers. Bag King Maohe is a provider of sustainable agricultural packaging solutions, with quality as the main foundation and strive for cost-effectiveness for customers' budgets.

Bag King Maohe has more than 100 skilled and responsible workers, most of whom have more than ten years of production experience in the bag manufacturing segment, and accompany Bag King Maohe to grow together. Bag King Maohe constantly trains employees in safety awareness and production ability, and listens to the voices for suggestions from the employees, so that industrial safety and product quality are being put as a top priority.

The belief of Bag King Maohe is "quality-oriented, service-oriented, honesty, trustworthiness, and mutual benefit", focusing on product quality is our guiding principle, quality is the vitality of an enterprise, and only with excellent product quality can we gain a foothold in the market. Service is the foundation of the sustainable development of an enterprise, and good service is not only the embodiment of the corporate image, but also the foundation of expanding sales.

We will uphold the concept of "honesty, trustworthiness, and mutual benefit", so as to reassure customers, and customer satisfaction, thus being mutual benefitial. Exceeding customer expectations, we have established long-term and close relationships with more than 10 industry-leading distributors around the world. In the future, Bag King Maohe will continue to be cost-effective for customers and expand internationalization.