What can a PP woven bag pack

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What can a PP woven bag pack

PP woven bags are widely used in grain, chemical fertilizer packaging, building material packaging and garbage packaging

Our PP woven bags are widely used:

(1) For agriculture such as grain, rice, wheat and corn seeds, such packaging requires food grade PP woven bag standards, with a relatively high safety factor.

PP woven bag

(2) Chemical products such as fertilizers, PP woven bags for fertilizer packaging have good corrosion resistance, tensile strength, toughness, non-toxic and tasteless

(3) Building materials such as cement and sand use PP woven bags, which are used to pack cement after being perforated by a puncher. It can ensure that the gas escapes quickly when the cement is filled.

(4) Industrial garbage bags. In order to better protect the environment, generally speaking, industrial garbage will be packed in PP woven bags. At the same time, PP woven bags are more convenient for transportation.

Jiangsu bag king company provides a variety of PP woven bag products, which can be customized according to the needs of customers.