Cheap PP Mesh Bag Vegetables Mesh Bag for Potato Onion

Cheap PP Mesh Bag Vegetables Mesh Bag for Potato or Onion Package

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Mesh bags are mainly made of polyethylene (PP), polypropylene (PE) as the main raw material, after extrusion, stretching into flat wire, and then woven into mesh bags.
Mesh bags can be used for packaging vegetables, fruits and other items, such as: onions, potatoes, garlic, corn, sweet potatoes and so on.

Advantages of mesh bags:

High strength, anti-aging, good air permeability, very suitable for transportation and packaging of vegetables and fruits.

1.The mesh bag is breathable and can prevent onions from deteriorating and rotting.

2. Lightweight and flexible, can ensure that the transportation process will not be lost due to packaging.

3. Special mesh bag for onion has low production cost and is easy to use.

4. High elasticity, not easy to deform, more durable.

5. Recyclable and green.