Custom Printable "59x107" White Polypropylene Plastic Woven Rice Grain Bags

PP woven bag with printing

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In order to identify what goods are contained in the plastic woven bag, according to customer requirements on the surface of the plastic woven bag with

text and pictures, easy to categorize and distinguish.

Printed woven bags are mainly used for packaging and transportation of goods in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, agriculture and many other

industries. It can meet the packaging and transportation needs of all bulk products such as powder, granule, liquid, etc. It can achieve color

customization, shaped bag customization, anti-rise bag, leakage, moisture, high temperature resistance, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and

other use requirements.



1、Degradability: woven bags are made of degradable plastics, which can be decomposed and converted into carbon dioxide and water in the natural

environment, and will not pollute the soil and water bodies

2、 Multiple use: woven bags have good durability and strength, can be repeatedly used many times, compared with traditional plastic bags can reduce

the amount of plastic consumption

3、A wide range of uses: can be applied in different areas, such as   Agricultural packaging bags, transportation bags, garbage bags, etc., has a wide range of uses

4、Diversified shape: the shape of the woven bag can be designed according to the need, can be customized in various shapes, sizes and colors to meet

different needs.


Note on PP woven bags with printing:

1、Pay attention to fire prevention, high temperature, woven bags in use, if close to high temperature or fire source, often quickly damaged

2、 Pay attention not to put the woven bag in a wet place, if contact with water or in a humid environment, after a long time the woven bag will be easily


3、 In the process of using the woven bag, but also pay attention to do not load heavy

Features Of Printing Woven Bags

Minimum and maximum widths

Minimum and maximum widths

30 cm to 80 cm

Minimum and maximum lengths

Minimum and maximum lengths

50 cm to 110 cm

Printing colors

Printing colors


1 to 8

Fabric colours

Fabric colours




Grammage/weight of the fabric

Grammage/weight of the fabric

55 gr to 125 gr

Lining Options

Lining Options


Yes or no

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+ Sewn-in Label

+ Sewn-in Carrying Handles

+ Coating or Lamnination

+ UV Treatment

+ Anti Slip Construction

+ Food Grade

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