Mesh Produce Bags Red Color PP Material Drawstring Mesh Bags for Oranges Lemon Fruit

High Quality Woven PP Tubular Mesh Bag Onion Bag Potato with draw string

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Bag king is a professional production of vegetables and fruits packaging mesh produce bags factory, specializing in the production of: onion special bags, flat woven mesh bags, round woven mesh bags, fruit bags, transparent bags, blow molded bags and other kinds of woven bags.

Product color specifications: 40 × 70, 40 × 80, 50 × 80, 55 × 85, 60 × 85, 65 × 85, 53 × 90, 60 × 90, 65 × 90, 70 × 90 and so on.

Widely used in packaging of potatoes, onions, garlic, kale, carrots, peppers, beans, apples, oranges, pineapples and other vegetables and fruits.

Our company produces products, intuitive, so that the packaging of vegetables and fruits more polished, more beautiful.
And it has good air permeability, so that the packaged vegetables and fruits are not easy to rot, not easy to deform, and is conducive to long-term...