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PP woven fabric roll

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PP woven fabric rolls are made of polypropylene and are often used as semi-finished products for woven bags.


Our company is a professional manufacturer of PP woven fabric rolls.


The product is widely used in: seed bags, feed bags, sugar bags, potato bags, almond bags, flour bags,, sand bags, cement bags.


Our factory has price advantages and supports custom size, colour, mesh, denier, etc. We provide professional consultation and excellent service.
The size of PP fabric rolls can be customized. It is suitable for agriculture, construction, chemical industry, etc.




1. High tensile strength

2. raw materials for our pp woven fabrics from reliable suppliers and environments;

3. the ease of cutting and the high tension of our fabrics

4. available in both laminated and non-laminated forms for good packaging

5. they are used in the production of corn flour rice wheat building materials, chemicals, fertilizers, cement, waste and other bases.

6. these pp cloth rolls can be used to cover products such as cars, trucks, grains, aircraft, machines to store products etc.




Agriculture: seed bags, feed bags, sugar bags, potato bags, almond bags, flour bags, etc.

Industry: sand bags, cement bags, etc.