Polyethylene PE, raschel mesh bag for storage of fruit and vegetables, with drawstring, green

Raschel mesh bag

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Raschel mesh bags are made from polyethylene as the main raw material, a small amount of auxiliary material is added, mixed and then melted by an extruder, extruded plastic film is cut into filaments to be stretched at a temperature lower than the melting temperature of the resin, made into high strength, low elongation flat filaments by molecular orientation and heat setting, then rolled, woven, cut and sewn together.


Raschel mesh bags are widely used for the packaging and transport of vegetables and fruit. It has very small holes and contains a built-in drawstring for quick bag closure, so you can use it to store carrots, garlic, corn, potatoes. Raschel mesh bags are light and strong and easy to colour, so they are available in many colours.


Made from strong and durable high quality polyethylene material, Raschel mesh bags can hold a large amount of stuff at once and their durability prevents ripping or tearing.


Precautions for using Raschel mesh bags:


1. When transporting, they should be protected from contamination, friction and heat and should be protected from rain and not hooked or scratched with sharp objects.

2. It should be stored in a dry, clean place, away from heat sources.