Recyclable transparent woven polypropylene bags for packing fruits and vegetables

Transparent pp woven bag

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Plastic woven bags are made of PP resin as raw material, extruded, stretched into silk, and then woven. In PP woven bag products, transparent woven bags have higher quality than other colors and are widely used for packaging agricultural products such as peanuts, rice, vegetables, fruits, etc. Therefore, transparent woven bags have higher requirements for raw materials and technology!

Because transparent woven bags are often used for packaging food, they are mostly produced with brand new materials, which can ensure the quality of woven bags and do not cause harmful effects on food. Although brand new materials are used in the production of woven bags, due to different processing techniques and raw material characteristics, the produced woven bags may experience fogging, whitening, and transparency that does not meet the requirements. This type of product often does not meet customer requirements, Sales will also be affected.


1)Light weight

2)High strength

3)Good transparency


1)Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight, exposure, etc

2)It should not be left for too long, otherwise aging will be very severe.

3)Do not dispose of it randomly to avoid polluting the environment.

Features Of Transparent PP Woven Bags

Minimum and maximum widths

Minimum and maximum widths

30 cm to 80 cm

Minimum and maximum lengths

Minimum and maximum lengths

50 cm to 110 cm

Printing colors

Printing colors


1 to 8

Fabric colours

Fabric colours




Grammage/weight of the fabric

Grammage/weight of the fabric

55 gr to 125 gr

Liner option

Liner option


Yes or no

Our Customized Services

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+ Built-in Drawstring

+ Sewn-in Label

+ Sewn-in Carrying Handles

+ Coating or Lamnination

+ UV Treatment

+ Anti Slip Construction

+ Food Grade

+ Micro Perforations

+ Custom Machine Holes