100% Vigrin 25kg 30kg PP Woven Valve Bags For Packaging Cement

Valve pp woven bag

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The material of valve pp woven bags is mainly polypropylene resin.


Types of valve pp woven bags:


1. PP valve woven bag, made of polypropylene woven fabric, with upper and lower valve mouth

2. PE valve woven bag, made of polyethylene woven fabric, with valve mouth

3. Paper-plastic composite valve woven bags, plastic woven bags as the base material, using the flow-delay method of composite (cloth / film composite for two in one, cloth / film / paper composite for three in one, etc.)

4. Kraft paper valve woven bag, made of kraft paper

5. Multi-layer kraft paper valve pp woven bag, made of kraft paper


According to the type of valve mouth position:


1. upper opening valve bags

2. Lower opening valve bags

3. upper and lower opening valve bags.


Product characteristics:


Valve pp woven bags are all fed from the upper or lower opening valve pockets, using special filling equipment, filling the material into a square-shaped body, stacking and packaging neat and beautiful.

Valve bag has the characteristics of improving packaging efficiency, convenient transportation, strong firmness, low breakage rate, etc., belongs to the environmental protection packaging bag.


Application of valve type pp woven bag:


Valve pp woven bags are mainly used for packaging edible powders, chemical powders, fertilizers, synthetic materials, food, salt, minerals and other powdery or granular solid materials and flexible items.